Alphabet Tile Lesson

My daughter received the alphabet tiles for Christmas from her auntie.  I am so excited because they can be used in so many ways.  First thing we did was put them in alphabetical order on the living room floor.  It was fun because it was a little bit of a maze, turn here, down here...etc.  

After she went through hoping on each tile while saying her alphabet I knew we were off to a great start.  My daughter has known her ABC's for sometime but we have been working on letter recognition for a few months so I knew this would be awesome to get all those letters down.  
I got our dry erase board out and wrote a letter on it.  It was her job to locate the letter and to give me the letter name, sound, and a word that starts with the letter.  This allowed me to figure out what letters she is still struggling with. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more lessons with Alphabet tiles.  I have a few more ideas spinning around my head so I will share them once we do them.  :)  
I also played a few alphabet songs while she got to play around all the letters.  

How are you teaching letters and sounds to your preschooler? 


Brittney said…
I use hands-on activities just like this for literacy and math learning! I think that's how kids learn best. We have the alphabet tiles, but we haven't had them out in a long time. You've got me thinking of ways to use them now...might just have to dig them out of the closet!

Kelly said…
I am so glad you love these!! I found them WAY before Christmas!! Can't wait to see what else you do with them!! :)
Unknown said…
I love this idea for helping teach the alphabet and getting insight to where your child is in there learning.

Stopped by from Link & Learn.
Cool ideas! I can't wait to see your other ideas. Glad you shared at AfterSchool!
Jamie said…
Oh great idea! Cupcakes got those for Christmas too, but she's only 1 so right now they're a fort. :o)

Thanks so much for linking up to Make Yourself Monday!

For Love of Cupcakes
This is a great present! Visiting from Afterschool...
Aimee said…
What a cute idea! I will have to do this! Thanks for sharing on The Sunday Showcase
Unknown said…
this is fabulous! i love this! i am adding those tiles to our boys' wishlist :)

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