Another Deal Site...

I simply can not keep up with all the new deal sites,  I mean I have gotten some great deals on some a some items we needed but I imagine some people are getting addicted to online shopping searching for deals and buying things they think they need when really they don't.  

Right before Christmas I was on a site trying to snag one of their insanity deals but it was almost impossible to actually get the deal.  Have you seen the nomorerack website?  Tried it?  Purchase anything?  The site like many others offer daily deals at a great discounted price.

The difference on this site is their INSANITYdeals!!  They claim to offer them at random times of the day.  You could see an IPad 2 for $32.00 or laptops, tv', and camera's.  I have actually seen some of the insanity deals pop up, and I have attempted to place the item in my cart and check out but every time I check out the item is "sold out"!!  HOW FRUSTRATING.  So you try it out and you tell me nomorerack scam... yes or no??  


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