Balloon + Glow Stick + Music + Awesome Party

 I had really difficult time trying to get some good pictures so please forgive me on my blurry pictures.  I did not get any good pictures of my 4 year old dancing but trust me she enjoyed this! I should invest in some photography classes and save for a better camera.  :) :) 

Again the Dollar Tree had the two items needed for this activity.  1. Balloons and 2. Glow Sticks  Then turn the music up and turn the lights off!  Have fun!  

We did pop a couple balloons but then we created another game.  Use the Glow stick to bat the balloon and keep it in the air.  Fun and challenging for a 4 year old. 


Didi said…
This is a cute idea. What a neat way to make balloons (which are fun anyways)even more interesting to the eye!
Thanks Didi, we did have a lot of fun

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