Credit score, credit report...SO IMPORTANT

Who came up with the idea of a number system to grade how we use our money?  If you miss a payment your score is affected, if you don't use credit cards your score may be lower, if you have too much credit you could get in trouble,  and if you have a credit card but never use it that could affect your score too!!  It is all so complicating, but at least you can get a free credit score to see how well or how bad you are doing.  Trust me it might be complicating but it is important and a must on your to do list.

So if you are foolish and you have a low score it might mean you can not get a car loan, or you might not qualify for a home loan.  Have you had a teacher or parent teach you how to use money?  Has anyone taught you how important a credit score is?  If "TransUnion" "Equifax" or "Experian" are unfamiliar terms then it might be time for you to get your credit report.

Once you know your score you can start to improve it.  Make time to learn and know your score, it is time we all become financially responsible.  


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