First Hair Cut

Sorry I do not have the best pictures since they were taken on my phone by my 4 year old.  :) She was a big helper!  :) I also hatsd a coupon for a free hair cut at Sports Clips.  :) 
Lil man's hair was getting long as it was starting to cover his eas and was far down his forehead.  So it was time for his first hair cut.  He did great... a little wiggly but still was a good boy.  

All done!  :)


Pamela said…
Aww...didn't it make him seem so much bigger? When they cut my nephews for the first time my mom thought he would be happier with it if he could have a sucker. Sticky sucker + hair = not a good idea! Your little one is just precious and stinkin' cute!
Unknown said…
First hair cuts are SOOO hard! My little man has curls and cutting them (for the 8th time now) has been hard! It's a big milestone but its so sad in a way! I love his new do though!

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Scribbles said…
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Unknown said…
The expressions on these are adorable!

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Yona said…
Those are actually good pictures from a cell phone, I think.

Cute memories!

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