Homemade soap

One of my daughters Christmas presents was a neat kit for soapmaking!  So we went to town making some soap.  

After making two things my mind is exploding and I want to try making more and more!  :)  

 Right after we took this picture she went to the bath tub to try out the new soap.  :)  This is a orange zest soap but I am about to search for more scents and get ready to make more.  :)

Yes there is a hidden toy inside the soap on the right.  

Yes I will admit I think I had more fun with the soap making over my daughter.  She had fun in the bath with the soap though...  :)

ANY TIPS or IDEAS on Soapmaking? 


Unknown said…
Making soap is so much fun :) just visiting from the hop
Theresa said…
You never know where your inspiration will come from!!
Oh wow thats so cool, where can i get that kit from? i would love to try it with my sisters...(Thanks for joining the get connected tuesday blog)

Tidbitz said…
I make soap! Regular soap and the fun molded kid fun soaps. Isnt it fun?! Following you back!
Meryl said…
What a GREAT gift idea!!!!! They look really pretty too! After posting this comment, I will be your newest follower.Looking forward to more visits.
It sure is fun!

I believe the kit came from the Home Goods store but I imagine Michaels would have something like this too.
Jamie said…
Oh how cool - what a great idea to hide a toy in there! I'd want to take a bath right after making it too. :o) I love your blog!

I'm a new follower from the Blog Trail Hop. Feel free to stop by and if you like, follow me back!

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Kelly said…
You were right April! I bought it at Home Goods! Glad you guys had fun!! :)
Kelly said…
You were right April! I bought it at Home Goods! Glad you guys had fun!! :)

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