Mismatched tupperware nightmare

 I was so annoyed with all my tupperware covers that did not match the bottoms.  HAVE YOU BEEN THERE BEFORE??

So I took it all out of the cupboard and found the matching pieces and then threw out all the mismatched peices.  FINALLY!  

Then I was able to reorganize the cupboard and it looks so much better!  

YAY for organization!!!!  


Unknown said…
It feels good doesn't it? I am smack dab in the midst of a kitchen renovation and we had to take EVERYTHING out of EVERY cupboard and they are all on my living room floor as we redo cupboards...I have found so much JUNK and when all is said and done I will be throwing out a ton of it and hoping to have organized cupboards like your with tupperware that all matches! LOL
Lorrie said…
I so hate it when that happens. I don't understand what happens to the matching pieces. It's almost like the cupboards ate them. Your cabinets look amazing. I lie the feeling I get after an organization binge.
Unknown said…
Oh, I need to do that badly! I just finished one re-organization project and I still have Christmas stuff up! Maybe after I get all that down I can work on my tupperware cabinet.
I just love when everything is color coordinated. Makes everything easy to look and look for. I’m currently in the process of re-organizing my closet and I just purchased all new clear organizers and may I tell you everything looks so beautiful.

Please come to my house! I have a huge drawer full and none of the bottoms ever match the lids!! Where do they disappear too? Must be wherever the matching sock pairs hide!!
Sarah- I could use a vacation...LOL

I am now working on the pantry! UGGG taking a lot longer then the cupboard.