Re-roofing this summer

I think I have mentioned before that we own a house but we rent it out since we currently don't live near it.  We moved when my husband excepted his youth pastor position so we found renters since selling during this economy would be tough and most likely a big loss in money.  

A few weeks ago my hubby had to make the couple hour drive to check on a small leak..BUMMER!!  He came home and told me we would have to re-roof  this spring!  :(  How expensive is this going to be??  He assured me that him and a few friends would able to do the labor but we would have to use a portion of our tax return to cover the costs.  

I mean how much will it cost to have The Woodlands Junk removal team from Got Junk just to dispose of the old shingles?    My hubby thinks it will cost under $2000 but I have no idea.  

I will not worry about it since I know God will take care of all of our needs but at like any human my mind starts to do the numbers in my head and I get dizzy.  It is just one of those times when you wish you were not a home owner... especially since you don't live in it.