Shaving cream: Letter Writing

Who doesn't like getting messy but still learn??  Shaving cream has more uses then shaving -PLAYING, but even better LEARNING!  

I used a white board to write the letter and then I had my daughter copy the letter in her shaving cream.  Before she could do her letter she need to identify and give me the sound of the letter.  


Lorrie said…
What a good job you are doin of teaching your daughter preschool skills. As a teacher, I wish more parents would work with their kids before sending them to school. There are tons of fun things that can be done so kids don't even realize they are learning.
Twingle Mommy said…
We use pudding on flat cookie sheets to practice our letter writing. It's fun and messy, but they get to eat it too.
Brooke said…
New follower from Whimsical Wednesday.

Thanks for sharing this story - this blog is full of good stuff and I will be back!

huda said…
nice post
new follower of ur blog
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