Valentines Day gifts...hmmm

January is almost completed and the "love" month is nearing.  Some years the hubby and I do not really give gifts we just decided the quality time is better.  So far this year we have not sat down and discussed if we were spending money on each other.  Our church is doing a Valentines Day Banquet so we will go to that and enjoy some yummy food, but do not worry I am still counting those calories and working out!  :) :)  Everyone needs to have treats too.  :)

I have thought about some ideas that might be kinda fun to do sometime to surprise hubby with or be surprised!  :)  I mean in the 5.5 years of marriage hubby and I have never had a glass of  champagne.    iI don't know if I would enjoy it or not??  I just always think it is romantic and sounds fun.  :)  So why not order a bottle from  

What are some of your BEST valentines day's... give me some good ideas!  :)  I have seen several ideas on pintrest that are worth trying out too.  Such as the deck of cards "52 reasons why I love you."  I remember when I was dating I created this awesome huge candy card!  It was so fun and so yummy to help him eat.  :)


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