Coffee Filter, Bingo Dotters, Scissors= AWESOME SNOWFLAKES

We could have made a 100 of these adorable snowflakes.  
Here is what you need:
coffee filters
bingo dotters (markers will work too but will take much longer)

Here is how to create:
Fold the coffee filter in half and then in half again.  Color both sides with the bingo dotter.  After you have them all colored unfold them and let them dry, you can not cut them until they have time to dry.  Once dry fold them back up and get ready to cut.  Then make sure you have do not cut the one corner that holds it all together.  I did some hand over hand with cutting and also let my daughter have fun with the scissors.  Every snowflake is different just like real snow flakes.    :)  Have fun discussing the differences and if you can look at real snowflakes.  Our snow is all melting with this unusual heat wave so google snowflake images and it will create some fun on the computer.  :) Once you are comparing the snowflakes you can find shapes in them too so you can review all the shapes they already know.  

We put our snowflakes on the glass windows and they look very pretty when the light hits them. 


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