Date and weight loss update

I had a fantastic date on Friday night with my amazing man!  :)  We had a Valentines Banquet at our church with yummy food catered in.  They had some really fun games and I truly enjoyed the evening out without the children.  :) I had so many awesome laughs that evening, including a big one due to the fact that our little teddy bear that they were giving out as a fun surprise exercise to keep doing.  Well our bear had 3 EARS... LOL!!  I guess it is a good reminder for Anthony and myself to always listen first before talking!  LOVE!!!  :)

I also wanted to give a quick update on my weight loss goals. I have lost 10 pounds and it  feels amazing!  :) I am really proud of the hard work and I love seeing the results.  I still have some firming up to do in the belly but all my pants are huge in the butt and back of the legs.  :)  I also wanted to see more toned arms but little by little I will continue to see results.  :)  HOW AWESOME!!!  :)