House Hunting

The hubby and I have been in our apartment for almost 3 years and it's tough now with a family of 4 in a 2 bedroom apartment.  We have looked at a couple of houses in the past but remained patient and felt it was not the right time.  After much prayer we came to the conclusion that  now is the time to buy and we are going to be in this area for at least a few more years.  I say that because well, we just never know when God is going to lead us to a new ministry somewhere else.  I think one day my hubby will change from a youth pastor to a Senior pastor and we might even plant a church somewhere, but for now God has us in this town and we are going to buy and live in a house just right for our little family of 4.

So have you made a list of things that you need and want in a house??  I made my list and I am so excited to go look at more houses tomorrow.  We did go on Monday and found 1 we liked but want to keep looking!

So here is my list for NEED:
3 bedroom
2 bathroom
big kitchen
Big back yard
No Corner Lots
Energy efficiency (furnace, water heater, windows, roof)  Get house inspected!

Big windows
finished basement
Attached garage
Fenced yard
Top of the line appliances
open concept
extra office space or craft room

So what is on your list?  What am I missing?


Unknown said…
Why no corner lot? Curious!
Spanish Pinay said…
house hunting is soooo much fun! I do hope you guys find the best fit for your family :)

Spanish Pinay
No corner lot because i just prefer no traffic on both sides. I just like it more private and quiet.