Inside Snowman

We have not had much snow this winter so we had to improvise our snowman this year.  My daughter loved the idea of staying inside... she is a summer girl.  She is not a fan of being outside as she hates being cold.  
Gather the items you would use on a snowman or create some of your own items.  We made a carrot nose and buttons out of paper.  

Grab a roll of toilet paper and get wrapping.  You can have your child turn in circles or you can go around them.  Then add the buttons, carrot nose, hat, mittens.  Giggle and sing Frosty the Selah!  :)  (or your child's name)  This activity is sure to please any preschooler.  If you have more then one child they will have a ton of fun wrapping each other up!  :)

PS... we are not going to waste the toilet paper I rolled it back up to use!  HA!


so fun!! my kids would get a kick out of this:>

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