Orbeez beads and glow sticks= SENSORY FUN!

My daughter got one of those Orbeez bead sets for Christmas.  I was so amazed at how those beads grew in the water.  It was so much fun!  :)  My daughter made her necklaces with the beads but we had a lot more m beads so we have been using them for some fun sensory play.  
 We put the beads in a dish and we got some glow sticks and put them in the container with the beads.  The beads looked really awesome.  :) My daughter loved it.  She played in the dark with the beads and glow sticks for a long time.  :) 


Unknown said…
Those look STUNNING! fab idea!
Suzanne said…
Eye catching! Had to check out what these were. Still don't know what Orbeez beads are, but I will be checking that out!
Justine said…
We love water beads which appear similar to Orbeez, but I never thought to put glow sticks in with them! This looks like a blast!
Carrie said…
Oh, wow!! That looks like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!
Pepper Green said…
where do you get these ideas?! way creative. I think this would be awesome for in the classroom, and for camp. I like this a ton.
Candy Girl said…
What a gorgeously creative sensory activity! I'd love it if you'd link this post to the Rainbow Connection... :)

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