Pinkalicious Date

The day finally arrived for Selah and I to go on our date together.  I bought Pinkalicious play tickets back in December so it seemed to take forever for the day to arrive.  We started out with lunch with her choice of McDonalds, big surprise, NOT!  :) 
When we arrived I was excited because I knew I had purchased front row seats.  Then all of a sudden my daughter was acting scared so we walked to the bathroom and came back just as they were about to start and her fear erased and we had a fun date.  :)

Selah and I in our seats right before the play started.  I was trying to calm her fears by using my phone as a distraction.  So glad she did not cry and did enjoy it!  

Selah with some of the cast after the play!  :)  Her fear was all gone she  was excited to get her picture taken.  

To top off the date we got to eat a Pinkalicious Cupcake!!  :)  ("But only one so we don't turn pink," Selah's words.)  


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