Valentine Snow Globes

One of my daughters favorite Chrismas presents this year was a snow globe.  She could sit for an hour and shake it and stare at it.  It was adorable and even her younger brother loved looking at it with her.  So for Valentines Day we created some "shaker's" as my daughter would call them.  

Supplies needed:
Baby Food Jars
Styrofoam ball 
Heart shape (I found these hearts at the dollar store but the black one is just a pipe cleaner that I formed into a heart.  Use what you have.  :) 
Hot Glue Gun
Paint for the lid of the baby food jar

How we did it:
I cut the Styrofoam ball in half.  Then I hot glued it to the cap of the baby food jar.  While I was doing that my daughter painted the top of the lids pink.  Then we placed the heart in the middle of the Styrofoam.  Then my daughter picked glitter out and shook some in the jar and then she helped me put water in.  Screw the lid on tight and have fun shaking and looking at the pretty glitter.  

We are going to print a little heart gift tag and give these as gifts to her Awana teachers... I think they will love them.  


Lorrie said…
Such a cute gift idea to grandparents, teachers, friends, etc. You are so creative!

NEW TIP: Use Glycerin in the water to create a thicker fluid and then the glitter will linger longer before falling.

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