What would you do?? Persecution??

I lived in Sheboygan for only a couple short years but I have some faith roots there... do you know what I mean??  :)  We attended a great church that was in that town and I met many awesome people there.  One of the friends I met there has 2 sons and the story I am about to tell you will make you applaud this mommy!

This mom made the extra effort to teach her children to always share their faith so for this Valentines she and the 2 boys made valentines for their peers and they included John 3:16 on the Valentine!  GREAT right?  :)  As parents we need to instill a boldness in sharing our faith and what an easy way to do it.  They picked a verse about LOVE which is fitting for Valentines day.  Easy right??

Well, this is where the story gets ugly.  The students brought there Valentines to class but the teacher catches the verse on it and makes the student throw the Valentines in the garbage.  :(  HOW SAD!!!  Now we know we live in a democratic nation right??  We do know that teachers are not allowed to share their faith unless the topic is brought up by a student.  There is no law that restricts a child or student from sharing their faith.  

There is a Christian Law Association that can help you if you have any similar stories happen!  http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/1999/08/02/associations-right-in-schools

So this mom was a bit angry but frustrated and sad at the same time.  Her actions are pretty awesome daring.  In her words "God continue to be my strength and fire in my belly."  She wrote a press release to the local paper and the paper is now sending a reporter to her house and running the story on Friday!  She contacted the lawyer and principle and in the morning she went to the principle but he refused to talk with any lawyers.  Now she is moving on to meet with the  superintendent.  

We will wait and see if the school will make an apology and make this right.  I pray that GOD will be glorified through this!!!  

Have you had to protect your children's first amendment rights?  Have you faced persecution and stayed strong for HIM??  

Would love to hear thoughts and would love if you shared this story with others!  

JOHN 3:16- For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

If I find the article in the paper I will try to share it on my blog as well, but it will not be out till Friday.  


Anonymous said…
The article will be in the sheboygan press Thursday Feb 16. Hopefully my story is glorifies God and represents God's love and not an angry Christian.
Thanks for your encouragement and ability to get more people to pray for the kids in sheboygan who need to hear the word of God.
Looking forward to reading the article!!! I hope they do not make you come across as angry either. :)
Unknown said…
I am not positive of what I would do beyond praying but I stand with this mom in prayer and Love the bravery. Jesus Warned us of these things and the times but it doesn't stop me from getting that knot in my stomach when I hear things like this. God Bless.
Unknown said…
Oh, and thanks for sharing.