Blessed at the grocery store.

Yesterday I  went to Aldi's to go grocery shopping.  I knew it was a bit risky to go after the morning working at the YMCA, but I was determined to get it done.  Titus has been battling a cold and he did not nap at the YMCA so I thought he would maybe sleep at the store.  I was wrong.   I got through to the check out and had to start to hold him and bounce him all the while trying to pack my groceries up so I could get out of there and get him to his crib. 

A very nice lady stopped and asked, "miss, may I help you pack your groceries?"  :)  How sweet was that!  You do not see many people stopping from there busy schedules to help others much more and I was extremely blessed by her kindness.  :) I accepted the help and she was so sweet to my daughter and encouraging me that better days out weigh the cranky ones.  :) 

She even went a step farther.  After I got to my car and unloaded everything in it she came back around and handed me a quarter and said I will take your cart  back.  AWESOME! I was truly blessed by here!  

Who knows she might have had some angel wings.  :) I pray that she is blessed this week to! 

Have you been blessed by someone's kindness lately? Share it in the comments I would love to hear it.  :)


Anonymous said…
Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth...
Willie Mae said…
What a beautiful blessing! Put a smile on my heart!

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