The right church

I am curious as to what you look for when you are looking for a church for you and your family.  I am not looking for a new church or anything!  Just a thought popping through my head to see if any new ideas pop through that could benefit the church we go to.  Some of you know my hubby is a youth pastor so we have the best job but we also want to keep growing our church.

I know for me since I have 2 children I want to check out the children's programs, see the rooms, meet the teachers, and find out what curriculum they are using.

Worship is another big one for me.  What type of worship do they do?  I like to see how the congregation is worshiping.  Are they entering in?

The messages, are they a good Bible teaching?  Easy to follow and understand?

How friendly are people?  If I am new I want someone to come to me and introduce themselves.

How active are they in the community?  What are they doing to serve or to share the love of Christ?

What about you?  What are you looking for when you attend a church?  


Unknown said…
When we first got married we wanted a younger church atmosphere. Being Catholic, that is a hard thing to find sometimes, but, luckily, the college campus had a very strong presence at one a few blocks away.

Once we started having children though, it became very clear that that was no long the one for us. There wasn't a nursery, sunday school for children, programs, etc. It was college kids and their families that came to visit that weekend.

We were told by an usher, while trying out another Catholic church, of a wonderful family centered church with programs galore - it is even complete with it's own school. We have been going there for about 3 years now and LOVE it! I teach the 2 year old Growing with God class and am now a Eucharistic Minister.

It is about 20 minutes away, but distance is not the issue. We wanted a church that we could call HOME. And, we definitely found that! We love our priests, their homilies, the people, everything. :D

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