13 Month Old "Climber"

 Time continues to be flashing extremely fast but I suppose that is a normal response when talking about babies and growing.  Today marks 13 months for Titus!  Happy 13 months little boy!

Ever since my little guy started walking he also started climbing, climbing on to chairs, tables, stairs, and everything and anything he sees.  I have managed to remain calm but he has a couple bruises to show from a couple little tumbles. 

Many of you can probably relate to a climber, but this is new for me.  My daughter never did much for climbing.  I have just considered this one of the many things that make boys boys?  Anyone agree who have one of each??  

Titus continues to show more of his personality and he is transforming into a little boy and growing out of his baby stage.  I continue to hang on tight to my little baby but I love this fun age of exploring at the same time.  

I do have one prayer request for Titus: Please pray that his Iron levels raise.  They have been low for a few weeks so we need to get them back on track!  Thanks in advance for your prayers!  I will give you a praise report when they are back to normal!  (They said this is normal for babies iron levels to lower especially when weaning.)  

Titus seems to enjoy the new house with his new bedroom.  He still has not slept all through the night but I keep believing that he will, would love that to be in your prayers too!  :) :) :)  The last few weeks we have been weaning him from breast feeding and it is going well.  Sometimes I just need to remember to give him more cuddles as I feel he just needs some mommy cuddle time.  I think in the next couple weeks he will be completely off of mommy milk.  I am ready to have my body back but at the same time it is a little sad...only a little sad.



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