Baby Food Jar Cap= Letter Help

Are you looking for a way to reuse some of those caps off of your baby food jars?  Then here is a great idea.  After you clean them simply use a permanent marker and write letters on each cap.  I did a set of capital, lower case, and numbers.  After you have completed that there are an endless amount of activities you can use them for.  

Our first activity was very simple.  I grabbed our letter flash cards and my daughter had to match the letters, say the letter, say the sound, and trace each letter.  

A few other ideas:
-make words
-practice names
-match lower case with upper case
-put the alphabet in order
-find objects that start with that letter
-I bet you can come up with other ideas too...Please make sure you come back and share your ideas.  :)


pianofingers said…
You can start working on letter sounds too once the letter names are down. You could even do letter combinations, like "sh", "ch", "th", and "ing"

Other ideas:
-memory game (find upper and lowercase letter pairs)
- rhyming words (spell out a short word, like log, and then replace the l with other letters to make other words (like bog, dog, frog, etc.)
- say words and have her pick out the first and last sounds she hears (for example, the first sound of pencil is p and the last sound is l)
- Read a book with her and look for specific letters in the book, reminding her of what sound they make

These are all things that the kindergarteners that I work with practice a lot.
Love this idea. We have lots of baby food jar lids right now and I keep thinking there should be something interesting to do with them.
Oooo I love the letter combinations!! We will for sure be doing that since we have been working on those sounds!

Rose, Have fun with your jar lids! :)
Meaningful Mama said…
What a great idea for learning letters. They idea can be used for so many other learning things too. :pve that. Jodi @