Genesis 22:5

New International Version He said to his servants, "Stay here with the donkey while I 
and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we 
will come back to you.

The first time the word worship is used in the scriptures in Genesis 22:5.  (The word "worship" we know Cain and Able made sacrifices, and Adam spent time with God in the Garden.)  The neat thing about the word "worship" being used for the first time here is God was asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac!  Is it not strange that the first time the word worship was used was when God wanted us to get us out of our comfort zone.  Abraham waited a very long time for a son and now God wanted him to sacrifice him.  Isaac was so dear to his heart he had prayed and cried and pleaded for decades for a son an then he had a son and now God wanted him to do what!?!  

The attitude of Abraham that we read in Genesis 22:5  is one of "worship."  The neat thing I thought of was, worship can happen during scary times.  WE can still worship and we should!  I think during those times of panic or nervousness that worship is the perfect time to hear God's voice and get direction and guidance.  

Thankfully we know the rest of the story when an Angel appeared to Abraham and he did not have to sacrifice Isaac.  

I guess for me the one thing I was really gaining from this story and scripture is getting out of my comfort zone during worship time.  Giving it all to God!  What will that look like for me to get out of my comfort zone?  Not sure but I am sure I will here a still small voice tug on my heart soon.  Some of you it might be raising your hand during worship, getting on your knees, waving a banner, dancing, praying out load... the list is endless.  I encourage you to seek God and ignore the butterflies and lies and surrender it all and not hold back.  Worship with everything you have!  

GO GOD GO!  :)  Looking forward to being stretched and out of my comfort zone.  :) 


Katie said…
I agree, it's really hard sometimes to get out of your comfort zone and worship without abandon. I'm still working on that. :) By the way, I've tagged you in a post on my blog!