The God Box **Book Review**

**I was sent a copy of The God Box by Mary Lou Quinlan to review, all opinions are 100% mine.**

THE GOD BOX by Mary Lou Quinlan

What is the story about:
"'When Mary Lou Quinlan's beloved mother, Mary Finend, dies, her family is bereft- until Mary Lou searches for her mother's "God Box," her private cache of notes to God on Behalf of family, friends and strangers.  To Mary Lou's amazement, she finds not one but 10 boxes stuffed with hundreds of tiny petitions that span the last twenty years of her mother's life.

Note by note, Mary Lou unearths a treasure of her mother's wishes and worries and insight.  Mary asked god for everything from the right flooring for her daughter's home to a cure for her own blood cancer.  Her requests, penned on scraps of paper, were presented without expectation - the ultimate expression of letting go.

Follow Mary Lou's emotional journey as she uncovers her mother's innermost thoughts-nostalgic, surprising and even shocking.  As she recalls life with the women who was her best friend, Mary Lou discovers her own more empathetic, engaged self-the woman her mother had believed in all along.

Poignantly written and beautifully designed, The God Box is a gift for every mother, every daughter, every person who, regardless of beliefs, trusts in the permanence of love and the power of family."

My thoughts:
I knew I would relate well with the author since I had lost my mom to cancer in 2002.  No matter what your age is or the age of your mother, losing my mom was the hardest thing I have ever endured.  The reason this book grabbed my attention was simply relating to the lost feeling right after Mary Lou's mother passed away.   It is such a fog and you hope to see the one you love walking down the stairs or see them where ever you remember them most.  Mary Lou was in the midst of preparing for the funeral when her brother mentioned the God Box and Mary and the family went searching to find it.  Mary found it but also 9 more!  A total of 10 God Boxes from the last 20 years.  This story is such an encouragement which reminded me to "surrender."  Surrender every worry, illness, question, or what ever it may be give it to God since he knows best.  That is just want Mary Lou's mother did.  If she was out to eat with a friend and they had a pain she would find the receipt write down the need and trust God to handle it.  Once she placed it in the box it was like her faith rose and she was saying "I no longer will carry this burden as I will place my trust in God."  I LOVE THAT!  This story was a very quick read as I read it in one day in two 45 minute sessions.  I appreciate the challenge from the author to do a God Box not sure in which way but I absolutely love the idea.  I think the biggest reason is just leaving something for my kids to go through and see how God worked things out, healed people, and other testimonies!
If you are looking for a great gift for your mom for Mother's Day then I suggest this nice book!
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About the Author: Mary Lou Quinlan:
Mary is the author of three books, an inspirational speaker and an expert on how women think and buy.  She is the founder of Mary Lou Quinlan & Co. and Just Ask a Woman and appears frequently in national media.  Her proudest achievement is her A+ in daughter, and she hopes her mother would be especially pleased with this book.   
Mary Lou and her husband, Joe, live in New York City and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, along with their dog, Rocky.  



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