Growing girl: Birth to 12 years old

Some of you have noticed that every month I post a baby picture with the age of my son.  I truly enjoy looking at all the changes he makes.  He is growing up so quickly!  (A 13 month update is coming on Tuesday!) 

Well, my husband help me find this neat video portraying a girl from baby to 12 years old.  The video is just under 3 minutes and it is really fun to watch her grow up.  We notice a huge difference from 10 to 11 when she started to wear makeup.  :)  I also loved seeing all the hair styles from this little girl.  She must have had some great techy parents creating this fun video for her.  :) 

ENJOY the video


Unknown said…
that is pretty cool. amazing how life really does go by. just 1 thing - boo on the makeup. i wasn't allowed to anything until i was in high school. and it was LIPSMACKERS only! lol (dances were different, but still!) so glad i dont have a girl! whew!