New Deck and New Chairs for Deck

My kids got a little Easter money from grandma, thanks Nana!  :) The chairs were the top pick from the kiddos.  :)  

A few weeks ago while walking through Wal-Mart my daughter spotted these chairs but since we were moving I told her we needed to wait until we were in our new house.  

Well, yesterday we had to make a Wal-Mart run to buy a baby gate and a few other items and again my daughter spotted the chairs.  My daughter was so happy to bring it home and sit in it.  At the store she wanted to buy herself a pink chair and a purple chair for her brother but I convinced her to get green for her brother.  ;)  

I am positive the chairs will get a lot of great use this summer, as well as our deck will see us a lot!  Loving and feeling blessed to have a big beautiful deck to enjoy the nice weather on.  :) 


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