Puppy Time! :) Help we need a name!!

One of the many reasons we wanted a house was so we could get a family dog.  :)  We had a dog before when we lived in a house but when we found him a new home before we moved into our old apartment.  I have really missed our little Izzy!  

Well, one of our students from youth group had a dog who had puppies a little before Easter and today we went and looked at all the adorable puppies, which there were 8 of them!!!  It is a blessing for us to find a cute puppy and the family is almost giving us the puppy for free so Praise GOD!  :)  We feel so blessed and we are so excited!  

The dog is a mixture of Boxer, Chow, Spaniel, and Terrier.  I think they were so adorable!  :)   We have a few weeks to get everything we need for the puppy.  We get to go visit her a couple more times and pick her up to bring to her home on May 27th,  which won't be here soon enough according to my daughter.



Unknown said…
aw they look so adorable! :) ha, im not good in giving names. so sorry :) hihi.

xoxo, misskatv.com ❤

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