Titus had a Monkey Good Time!

It seems like I just brought home my lil bundle of joy but this last week we got to sing "Happy Birthday."  I love birthday parties!  I had so much fun getting ideas for a monkey themed party.  :)  Even though the birthday boy is too young to play party games he still had fun observing and playing his own way.  

When our guests arrived I had 2 simple games that even young ones could play.  The first was "Monkey see, monkey do" which is a copy type game.  One person is the monkey and you copy what ever actions they make.  Very simple and even if Titus did not do it he could craw around and laugh and play.  The second game was, "Monkey in the middle" which is similar to "pig in the middle."  I brought in a monkey stuffed animal and the kids were in a circle throwing the monkey trying to not let the person or monkey in the middle get the stuffed animal.  If they got the monkey then there would be a new monkey in the middle.  :) 

After we did cake and ice cream I planned one more banana activity but this was for older kids.  LOL!!  It was a race to see who could eat their banana that fastest, but the trick was they had to use their feet to open the banana.  :)  LOL, it was a good laugh and we had some good sports who played it!  :) 

Family Picture!  :)  We loved our monkey cake!

I think he loved it too...:)

I am so blessed by this cake lady, she is so affordable and does amazing work but also her cakes taste yummy!!!  

Yay Presents!

We sure are blessed by all our friends and family!  

Dear Titus,
I love you more then words could describe.  This year has been a joy.  You have added so much to our little family.  You started to take your first steps a week before you turned one and within that week you were walking fast across the room.  You seem to want to catch your sister.  In fact you have been out eating her, try to tackler her and sometimes you are naughty and pull her hair.  Actually you love hair and pull mommy's when you nurse, and if daddy has bare legs or no shirt you pull his leg hair or chest hair.  You have learned the word "no", but you pretend not to listen.  You are very good at signing and saying "all done."  You currently have 3 teeth, 2 on bottom and 1 on top, but I am sure more will come soon.  
Your favorite things to do right now is throw balls or throw anything for that matter.  You love to play with cars and trucks and you like to bang and make noise.  Your newest favorite thing you have been doing is taking clothes out of your dresser.  Mommy thinks your first chore should be folding laundry!  :) 
Daddy and mommy know that God has some amazing plans for your future!  We are excited to be a part of it and we pray for you daily! 
My advice for you at age one is listen to your mommy and daddy, stay sweet, and know that Jesus loves you more then you know!  Our prayer for you is to feel God's presence every day and to know Him and His grace!  We pray for you to be a bright light in your generation sharing His love, mercy, grace, and goodness!  So on your birthday we declare God to shine his love, mercy, grace, and goodness on your so you can share it every day!  

Hugs and kisses every day,




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