Under the Baobab Tree *Review*

"Under the Baobab Tree" is written by Julie Stiegemeyer and illustrated by  E.B Lewis 
 I recieved a copy of this book from Zondervan Christian publishing company to do my review.   I was not paid and all opinions are 100% mine. 

This inspiring story is about 2 siblings who go out to gather under the baobab tree in the hot and dry African savanna with other townsfolk.  The author get us more and more excited as we turn each page with anticipation of them arriving and wondering why they are going to the tree.  Once the arrive we learn that they all met at the baobab tree  to have a community worship service.  :) 

Before the story starts they have a informational page on the history of the Baobab tree and I liked starting with a history lesson before jumping into the story.  I think the author grabbed our attention by keeping us in suspense wondering what they were going to do or who they were going to meet once they arrived at the Baobab tree.  The art work was wonderful that created a peace as you read it.  I loved the ending as we saw the entire community gathering for a church service.  It lead me and my daughter into a discussion about different ways of worship and then comparing how they worshiped with how we worship.  :)  Another great story for any mom or children's church collection.  

Julie Stiegemeyer has authored more than twenty books for children.  She has also written for magazines like Nick Jr., newspapers, and devotional books.  Julie lives with  her husband and son in Elmhurst, Illinois.  

E.B. Lewis has illustrated more than fifty books for children.  Lewis studied graphic design and illustration at Temple University Tyler School of Art, where he discovered his medium of preference was watercolor.  His work is owned by numerous private collectors and sold by art galleries throughout the United states.  Presently, Lewis teaches at the University of Arts in Philadelphia, continues to paint and illustrate and is a member of The Society of Illustrators in New York City.  www.eblewis.com


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