Welcome to the Neighborhood

WELCOME to the Neighborhood!  

What a blessing it was for one of our new neighbors to stop by with a little welcome basket.  I have moved a few times now and it seems the "friendly neighbor welcome" is something from the past or only seen in movies.  It was a much needed break to talk for a few minutes and eat some cake (not shown in picture)  they also brought.

Have you ever gotten a welcome from a new neighbor when you move?  
Have you ever given a gift to a new neighbor?  

I personally cant recall a time that I have gone to a new neighbor to introduce myself but I do remember inviting over a new neighbor for dinner and to this day we are great friends!  I really want to work on making sure to take a few minutes to be kind, introduce myself and my family, and bless them with a meal or plant or anything really.  

  We actually had just met them a few weeks ago as they had just started coming to our church and then what do you know we move very close to them.  HOW COOL!  :)  Always nice to know a new neighbor. 

I am very excited to meet more of my new neighbors.  :)  I have seen several people walking by with their dogs, so many dogs in this neighborhood.  It will be an exciting day when we get to add a dog into the mix.  :) :) 

Another neat thing to note about our neighborhood is they have block meetings at the local school every month.  There was a flyer at our door inviting us to the next meeting on Monday.  The flyer mentioned they have the following people give reports:  Principle, Police Officer, President of the block group, and a random neighbor.  It said they will discuss yard clean up, new protocols, safety, and a few other things.  I have never seen a group like this in the past so I am very curious to see how it is run and what exactly is discussed.  

Has anyone ever been to a community/block group like the one mentioned above?  

We are also so thankful for our wonderful friends who blessed us this weekend.  We had 5 friends help us load/unload the Uhaul, 2 friends help us scrub the apartment clean (it looked brand new), and 4 friends babysit the kids for us.   I must fill out some thank you cards and get some chocolate or something.  :) 

Well, that is all for now, we still have a lot more unpacking to do.  :)  

Hope your weekend was wonderful!   


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