What's to come and what has been up with Praises of a Wife and Mommy!

Hi everyone!

It sure has been a busy month here with moving!  I promise I will try to get some good pictures very soon!  :)  I have not taken any pictures since I haven't gotten everything they way I want it yet.  I have been on my Pintrest boards wanting to create so many of the items I pinned...it is dangerous!  :)

Beyond just moving and getting settled I have truly just been enjoying the new living space, enjoying the deck and the yard.  :)  

I do have a couple funny stories to share before I forget.  

One happened this morning.  I sent my daughter to go get dressed and she came out of her room holding a dress she wanted to wear.  I said, "make sure you wear something on your arms and legs it is going to be a cool day."  Somehow she misplaced the dress she was going to wear and was yelling, "dress where are you, dress come out."  I told her to look some more in which her response was priceless, "mom, my dress got up and walked away, it is no where to be found."  I had such a good laugh...laughter truly is the best medicine around!  :) 

The other story just makes me wonder... what are they going to do with that?  This weekend is dump day so everyone is putting unwanted items at their curb and the garbage people will be coming and collecting all the items.  Well, I have seen some very interesting, dirty, gross, items on the curb.  The funny part is there are tons of trucks and vehicles with trailers that keep driving by picking through things.  I will admit I am sure there are a lot of good items being thrown out but some of the items people are picking up are making me wonder in my head why they want it?  I am so curious to know are they going to take that trash and make something really unique?  I know there could be some very fun projects out there for restoring and cleaning things so I wish I could just follow someone around and see why they pick something up and then see what they can do with it.  Have you ever gone dumpster diving or pick up anything from the side of the road? 

Not only has it been a busy month with moving but I have been sent many items to review and several are also giveaways!  I feel extremely blessed every time a company sends me a product to review!  :) YAY!  

I have 2 giveaways currently so make sure you take a minute to enter.  The rafflecopter form is very simple and allows for easy and quick entries.  :) 


Hope you all have an awesome weekend!  I know I will as my sister is coming to visit!  :)  YAY


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