Blessed- Clothes shopping

Good news, have been maintaining my weight loss!  WOOT WOOT!!  Still want to continue to lose a little more and tone a ton  more!  :) 

Anyways, my clothes do not fit anymore!  Which is a great problem to have but at the same time when I don't want to spend a fortune on clothes it  kinda sucks too.  :(  After moving and working on our garden I really did not want to spend much on myself.  

As I was driving to get groceries I somehow found myself at a consignment store.  :)  I was with both kids so it can be quite a challenge trying to dig around when they had no interest in helping mom shop.  Even with the distractions of children I managed to snag some really amazing deals!  :)  I found a great Addidas workout top that I have been wanting to buy since January and got it for $5.50!  I had priced them out and usually they are $25 and up!  :) Then I found a cute pair of American Eagle shorts for $4.63.  The next deal was Calvin Klien jeans for $6.00 and they had tags on!  The neater thing about that pair is they are perfect since they are short, and well let me honest... I'm super short.  The last pair of jeans I found were Levis for 2.25.  Total $20.32!!!  :)  YAY!!!  


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