Book Review: "Every Which Way to Pray" by Joyce Meyer

Every Which Way to Pray by Joyce Meyer

This story revolves around a whimsical cast of animal characters who help readers discover the many fun, simple, and engaging ways to pray each day.

Inspired by Meyer's adult book, The Power of Simple Prayer, Every Which Way to Pray is set against the colorful backdrop of Everyday Zoo, home to a comical cast of animal characters who interact and explore life lessons together in their fun-filled community. 

Readers will relate to Hayley and Harley Hippo who want to pray, but believe that in order to be close to God, they must pray quietly in a church-with heads bowed, hands folded, and dressed in their Sunday Best.
With the Help of a quirky pelican named Pouch, the zoo's sheepish librarian, Miss Bible, and Sarge, a bear police officer, the hippo children and readers will discover that prayer is simply talking to god like a friend and should be the easiest thing we do each day.

As I read this story my mind was racing with ideas on who I wanted to share it with, which included our Children's Church Coordinator. I really wanted  the story to be shared with all of our children in our church.  I absolutely love how innocent the children were in their thoughts about "how to prayer" but the best part is the fun animals reactions and how they teach the children how to pray.  The story really reminds me that if a child is not taught then their idea of how to do something is by what they have seen. I think children and parents will get a giggle out of this adorable story but the best part is the message of truth, God does not care where or how we pray he just wants us to do it!  :)  Every parent will want this story, I know it will be a favorite around this house.  :)

About the Author:
Joyce Meyer is on of the world's leading practical Bible teachers and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries.  A #1 New York times bestselling author and named one of the most influential evangelical leaders in America by Time Magazine, she has written more than 90 inspirational books, which have been translated into 84 languages.  Meyer's Enjoying Everyday Life radio and television programs broadcast around the worlds and translate into 43 different languages.  She travels extensively, conducting conferences. Meyer and her husband have four children and ten grandchildren and make their home in St. Louis, Missouri.  

About the Illustrator:
Mary Sullivan was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and raised all over central Texas. Sullivan studied at the university of Texas in Austin, earning a BFA in studio art.  She has been drawing for as long as she can remember and is forever grateful to her parents for filling her childhood home with music, art, and poetry.  Mary currently lives in Austin, Texas, and spends her days drawing and writing for children.