Bringing a Puppy Home

So what is on the list when you are about to bring a puppy home???  Our lives are about to change but I am so very excited!  :)  

This week we picked up lots of chew toys, leash, collar, treats, food, bed.  Then my daughter and I made a "Welcome" sign for her.  My daughter has a good memory and she recalled making one for her baby brother so she requested we make one for her special puppy.  :) I have also been busy making sure there is nothing for the new puppy to chew on.  We did decide on the name Kiah which is short for Hezekiah, which means God gives Strength.  :)  

Look for more posts Sunday/Monday since we get to pick her up Sunday.  (2 weeks earlier then we originally planned.) She will be 7 weeks old on Sunday.  :) She was an April Fools puppy.  :)

Now I need to find a good vet and schedule an appointment for her... I do not want to have a dog in heat...not even once!   

It has been so long since I have had a dog...any other advice for this mom? 


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