Encouraging our Children in new interests!

On Memorial Day our family walked up the smaller mountain we have here in Wisconsin.  :)  It was a great family walk and fun picnic at the top of a beautiful view:

As we started the hike back down we turned our walk to a run.  After we got half way down my daughter requested to run with us.  She impressed both my husband and myself.  She ran and ran and her coordination was great!!  :)  I was so thrilled!  She was running in sandals and a dress so I knew a shopping trip was in store for us to find running shoes and outfit for her! 

3 hours of searching for the right shoes this is what we found:

After we got home she immediately put it on.  We waited and waited for daddy to arrive home.  I absolutely enjoyed my husbands enthusiasm when he saw his daughter.  He was so encouraging and full of compliments.  :)  It melted my heart.... I love him so much, and I adore watching him being a daddy.  :) 

Soon after the hubby and I had to change because Selah was anxiously waiting to go for a run in her new shoes.  :) So here is the SHOCKING part we ran... 1.21 miles!  :)  Her first run in her new shoes and she impressed us so so much!!!  :) :)  

I am looking forward to a running partner!  :)  :)  In fact I signed her up for a half mile run in 2 weeks and I will be running a 5K.  :) 

It is a joy to watch my children in new talents.  Running may not seem like much to many but to me I sit back and think if this is a talent that God is blessing my daughter with then how can she use it to Glorify God?  How can I help her in this talent? 

A lot for me to reflect on.  I love it and I LOVE GOD!  


YAY! My oldest is a lot like Selah. He ran a .5 mile kids race also. Funny cause he can outrun all his older cousins not by speed but by endurance :) Have fun with your running partner.

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