Evangelizing through Sidewalk Chalk! (Chalk Fun Idea Number 1)

The weather is getting nice again so we are going to be outside having fun!  :)  I love warm sunshiny days!  :)  

Yesterday we took the sidewalk chalk out and decided to make a message so anyone on a walk would be reminded of the Love Christ has for them.  :)  

I have been talking about sharing our faith with anyone and everyone with my daughter.  Just like we are called to go in to the world and preach!  Well, I think our younger generations are going to have a powerful voice! A voice loud for GOD!  AMEN!!  

For this activity I drew each letter and allowed my daughter to color them in.  Even Titus got the chalk out and in between tastes he scribbled a little too.  :) 

While we were drawing this we were talking about ways to share Jesus.  We talked about some of her friends at the YMCA who she could share His love with them. We discussed what it means to plant seeds in peoples lives.  :)  

Over all it was a beautiful day spent outside with my 2 wonderful children.  I AM SO BLESSED.  :) Bummer is that it thunder stormed last night and the message is gone, I guess that means we will have to share a new one soon.  :) 

As you can see in the title it says (Chalk fun idea number 1)  I will continue to share ideas for sidewalk chalk through out summer.  I am super excited to get out and do them and share them with you.  :)