Flu bug pondering's...

Back in November the whole family was hit with the flu bug but now again in May??  It is not fair to get the flu bug once warm weather comes.  
On Thursday last week my daughter woke up sick but she seemed back to her normal self in just a few short hours.  On Saturday we were heading to the YMCA for a workout when my son threw up in his car seat.  :(  It was a huge mess and so stinky that my daughter was plugging her nose.  We pulled over to a gas station got him all cleaned up and headed back home.  He took a great nap and we went for a  walk which maybe was not a good idea since he ended up throwing up a big more.  :(  
Then Sunday came... the day I had to throw a baby shower.  The shower did go well... Praise the Lord! The last half of the shower my stomach really started to hurt.   Thankfully one of the ladies offered to finish cleaning and lock up the church!  :) Well, I got home and my husband who was with the kids told me he was not feeling well and wanted to get some fresh air so he decided to go to Menards.  As he was gone I found myself in the bathroom...ugg so sick!  I text back  my husband to come home and he texts back that he had just thrown up in the parking lot.  :(  

It seems like a reoccurring problem for the hubby and I...we always are sick at the same time.  With 2 children and a puppy it is not easy task for mom and dad to be sick.  So I did the best job I could do, lil man went to bed a tiny bit early, my daughter picked out a movie, and I put the puppy in her bed while I went to bed!  

Anyone else have the same issue where both mom and dad are sick at the same time??  What do you do???  


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