Homemade Painted Name Frames

With the new house comes new decorating! :)  I wanted the kids to help create the art for their rooms so we created some neat name canvas prints.  :) 

JoAnn's had the canvas on sale so that was a bonus.  The kids then picked out some paint.  Selah picked pink, purple, and yellow, and Titus picked yellow, blue, and green.  

I used painters tape to write there names.  This tape is easy to pull off and I was happy with the results.  There were only a couple small spots where paint seeped through a little bit.  

It was fun watching the two paint.  Titus used a brush for a little bit then had fun using his fingers.  Selah on the other hand did not want her color's to mix.  She used her fingers for most of her painting.  

So what do you think?  I LOVE THEM!!!!!  :)  I think we might have to do this again!  :) 


Those are cute! It's great seeing kiddos create something all on their own.
We did something similar last winter, but I used stickers for the letters. http://gratefullygrowingingrace.blogspot.com/2012/03/home-made-sticker-canvas.html
Just looked at yours...love them! Now I want to do my favorite Bible Verses! :) :) :) Next Rainy day I think I might be doing one myself!!! :)
Roodlyne said…
wow! what a cool idea. this is gonna be my next project with the girls. they've been wanting to paint on "real" canvas forever lol
my daughter wants to paint on a real canvas so she can put it in a museum lol
thanks for that idea
Unknown said…
oo we did this yesterday thanks to your post! will share soon! :) it was such a fun craft to do with the little guys!
Unknown said…
woot! thanks again for a great project idea :) http://houseofwoyaks.blogspot.com/2012/05/toddler-painting-name-art.html
Thanks again for posting this on Saturday Show and Tell. This activity would also fit into my summer activities list for Toddlers (http://www.cheeriosandlattes.com/summer-activities-for-toddlers/). Check it out and feel free to post any other activities that would fit. I love your creativity.