Snapatoonies DVD Review and Giveaway

OK mommy's lets admit the fact that we need to turn that TV on every now and again to get something done around the house and just get the kids out of the mess!  For example both my husband and I got the flu at the same time so yes the TV was on most of that day.  :(  There are so many show's out there that get our kids attention but is it educational?  I really do not allow my kid to sit in front of the TV for hours upon hours but there are times when we just need to kick back with our kids.  
I want to introduce you to "Snapatoonies!"  Have you heard of them?  Snapatoonies was created by to mum's Lee and Jordi (Aussie mom's or mum's)  Here is a little more about them and why they wanted to create Snapatoonies:
"We wanted them to have a head start on learning.  Kids can absorb and learn so much while they are little.  Snapatoonies is about building on that learning platform to give them the essential skills for success.

Excited as we were about the concept of having the shows, we had no idea how to make a TV/DVD show.  No TV or film background, no animation skills and no writing skills.  

So what made us think we could make the show?  Good question - call it a mothers' determination  ...and Google!

We had to start somewhere - so we began to Google and to learn what we had to do - and in what order - and how we had to do it.... oh we had a million questions ... and Google.

That being said, I am sure if you have looked at the show it is not a bad effort for two mums with no experience and no one to guide them along the way.  But don't think we didn't make our share of mistakes.  The first version of the show (and 6 months of work) was all thrown out - we just made too many mistakes - so not getting discouraged, we started again.

We still make mistakes... but thankfully we still have an ample supply of determination.

The next question we are usually asked - how did you pay for it all?  The short version is we sold our house.  You have to understand, with no experience and no credibility, with a show script that was not your usual Dora or kid's formatted show no one would listen to us, far less talk to us - so if we wanted to do Snapatoonies we had to put our money where our mouth was... so to speak.  And we did.

Where to from here?  Well first things first.  Not only did we want Snapatoonies for our kids - we want every child in the world to have access to this fundamental learning because we have this belief that kids like learning - and if we give them fun, interactive and enjoyable ways to learn, they will want to keep learning.  What a concept!  

So first things first - get Snapatoonies out there so that kids all over the world can watch it and begin their fun learning journey.  Meanwhile we, with our limited funds, are keeping the production rolling - we have 39 more shows to make - we actually are halfway into Series 2.

Snapatoonies has already picked up some terrific awards of which we are very proud.  You can read more about them on ourAwards page.

So thanks for calling by to check us out.  ...oh and BTW - in case you are wondering why we are misspelling mums - it is because we are Aussie mums!

Cheers Lee and Jordi"


Snapatoonies sent us the "At the Zoo with Turtle" to conduct our review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  
We turned on the video on an evening I was babysitting a neighbor kid who is 2 years old.  So I had my 4 year old, 1 year old, and the 2 year old neighbor boy watching this video.  My youngest was able to pay attention for some of it, but the 2 year old and 4 year old sat through the whole thing.  They were making animal noises too so that was fun to see.  What I enjoyed about the DVD was the real images of the animals.  Just the simple fact that the whole DVD was not animations but a little bit of animation and then real animals included made this mom happy.  Through out the entire video there was bright and inviting color and some catchy songs.  Overall there are several other DVD's as they are working on their 2nd series and they all are educational.  

To learn more check out there website:


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Jennifer said…
i let my children watch tv for a hour and a half everyday and it has to be educational
Jennifer said…
i like the counting kids dvd
sweepinmomma123 said…
My kids dont really like to watch tv so not much at all.
sweepinmomma123 said…
animal babies looks interesting.
sweepinmomma123 said…
catchy tunes! love it
sweepinmomma123 said…
wow, I love this. I saved it on my computer.
an hour or 2
Sam Eagle
My five year old boy with autism watches quite a bit of TV. It is mostly sign language DVDs and Mickey mouse cartoons. My three year old doesn't really like TV.
Teresa Thompson said…
a couple hours a day.