Repaint Jesus: Eric Samuel Tim

What a wonderful weekend we had at church.  :) We had a guest speaker, Eric Samuel Timm!  He is a powerful speaker but the icing on the cake sure is his artwork!  He speaks around the world and in many schools!  He has a heart and a passion for Jesus that is so vibrant and contagious.  :)

His message is so easy but so powerful.  Somewhere along the way peoples view of Christ is skewed by someone so we need to repaint Jesus!

You know the skewed views around that we have seen on the news, someone wearing a sign around their neck that says "God hates ______"!  WHAT A LIE!

God gave his son for each of us so we could live... THAT IS LOVE!!!!

Eric also encouraged me as a mommy!  :)  I felt so blessed that I hope we can have him come back again!  :)  If you would like to see him come to your church or school check out his webpage:

Here is a video I found on there are several more to choose from.  :) 


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