The techy children

So I was so ________ ??  I can't even think of the right word.  I was impressed, excited, thrilled, scared??  So many emotions as I thought about it really! 

What am I talking about you wonder??  

Well, on Sunday I was throwing a friend a baby shower and at her shower we had about 8 girls ranging from 7-11 years old.  They still were playing the games I had planned which I was excited I planned games that they were able to play.  

One game we were playing was a trivia game.  It was called "Baby Animal's"  in which I would call out an animal and the guests would have to give me the name of their offspring.  ie cat-kitten, dog-puppy, deer-fawn...etc etc.  There were a few that were very challenging that I knew I would never have gotten right.  

I look back at the girls who were working hard on this more challenging game and one girl asks, "is it ok if I use my phone for help?"   LOL, outsmarting some of us older ladies these young guns were ready to use their resources to get the answer faster.  

Immediately I thought "ooh those smarty pants" "resourceful" and  "how many of you have a phone" but then later I thought "kinda sad that their immediate reaction was to get the answer as fast as possible before even letting their mind recall the information."  I also got to thinking and we are in a very techy world so I have to make sure my children are keeping up with the technology these days too, but no way is my daughter getting a phone yet!  The girl who did have the phone was the oldest in the group and is very responsible!  So watch out the younger generation is going to pass us up in all of this technology!!  


Kari said…
This might show my age, but ... I've had a cell phone since I was 11! I was very involved in after school activities and it allowed me to get in contact with my mom to let her know where I was. That was all I used it for at that age! (But back then, phones didn't do more than make phone calls, lol).
Really since you were!