Tough boy VS Sensitive Girl

With the warm weather here means we are outside walking, biking, skipping, dancing, jumping, running.  With all the activities comes the small accidents with cuts, scrapes, bruises, and a little bleeding.  :(  

That brought us to Mother's Day when we were all outside enjoying the weather and the new puppy.  My daughter was running and down she fell.  Her reactions: screaming, crying, not walking because of her little boo boo's.  She threw a fit when I tried to clean it and she remained on the couch for at least an hour because she was still "in pain."  I thought it was a typical reaction for a 4 year old girl.  

Then about 2 hours later my son falls and scrapes his leg.  His reaction: a tiny whimper cry for maybe 3 seconds.  He was bleeding more then his sister was and he then he was ready to go back and play before I could even pick him to bring him in to clean it.  

I really witnessed a tough boy (almost 14 months) compared with my 4 year old sensitive sweet girl. It made me and my husband giggle for a little bit.  I was just thrown aloof at how different they two acted in similar situations.  

So parents with a child of each sex... what have you noticed?  I would love to hear your stories.  :) 


My kids are exactly the opposite. My 4 year old son is full of drama at the tiniest scrape and throws a screaming, trembling fit when it needs to be bandaged. My 22 month old daughter got a gash in her head (5 staples worth of a gash) and really and truly cried for two minutes, despite the blood that still flowed. My two littles defy the gender stereotypes of toughness in every way!

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