The Berenstain Bears- "Help the Homeless" Review

About Help the Homeless: 
Brother and Sister Bear are part of the Good Deed Scouts and Widow McBear wants to open a homeless shelter so she recruits the Scouts for help.  They find a house that that is abandoned on "Spook Hill" that needs a lot of work.  
The young Scouts are eager to get to work but then fear sets in on them.  Fears of ghosts, goblins, and monsters hiding in the old abandoned house.  With some courage the Scouts are able to get the shelter ready.  They also recruit help from Homeless Tom.  The lesson that the Scouts learned is how important it is to help those in need.  

My Review:
One thing I want to instill in my children is always being considerate of others and helping people in need.  The story can coincide with the Bible Story, the good Samaritan.  There are going to be times where fear strikes us but it was good to see the Scouts overcome it!  There is also team work that the story shoes which is always nice to show teamwork or unity.  :)  I believe every young child should read this to help remind them how important it is to help others!  This is also an "I Can Read" story so it is a great book for beginner readers.  

About the Authors: 
Stan and Jan Berenstain introduced the first Berenstain Bear books in 1962.  Mike Berenstain grew up watching his parents work together to write about and draw these lovable bears.  Eventually he started drawing and writing about them too.  Since the late 80's, he has been very much involved as a writer and illustrator with his family's creation, the Berenstain Bears.  he continued to work with his mother, Jan, creating new books, writing and illustrating up until her death this year.  The antics and activities of Mike's three children have provided inspiration for many Berenstain Bears Books over the years.  Though Stan  and Jan passed away in 2005 and 2012, respectively, Mike continues to create the delightful Bear adventures form their studio in Pennsylvania, in an area that looks much like the sunny dirt road deep in Bear Country.  


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