The kids first Twins Game

On our weekend visit to my dad's my sister was able to snag 4 free tickets to the Twin's game!  It was a nice blessing to get free tickets, we wanted to go but we had no idea how long my littlest one would last at a ball game so it was nice to get free tickets so we did not feel guilty about leaving in the 6th inning.  :)  

The kids did great and they had a fun time.  We arrived early so we could get the free Jersey's for kids day.  They are youth size large, so the kids have years to grow into them.  My daughter is actually wearing her jersey as a nightgown!  :)  I fit into Titus jersey for now so when he grows up I will hand it down to him.  :)  

Titus fell asleep during the came!  

So we were blessed with the tickets and then by the jersey's too but on top of that if you visit guest services they will give you a free certificate if it is your first game.  :)  So we went and got one of those for each of my kiddos.  :)  

The twins were playing the Cubs and they lost but shhh... I am a Brewers fan!  Well, I do not really pay a whole lot of attention to baseball but it is fun to go to a game every now and again!  :)  It was also on our Summer Bucket list!  :)  


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