"What's Your Story" Devo Review and Giveaway

It's summer time!!!  I love summer time but all too often the busyness of summer can hinder my personal time with Jesus.  :(  Have you been there, done that?  Let me be real honest... there have been so many different seasons in my life where my devo time has suffered.  I know I am not the only one out there with that struggle!!!

Let me tell you about this short 8 day Devotional.  It is a great way to start your devo time back up if you have been in a drought or if you are a new christian.  :)

This quick and easy devo grabs your attention and your heart.  With guided journal activities this devo helps you learn how to share your story.  One of the most important things we as Christians need to do is share the Love of Christ and by doing so we need to share our testimonies.  :)  We need to be able to share in a quick manner so we don't lose peoples attention spans.

This 8 day devo really helps you lay out big events in your life and helps you put together your story!  I did something similar to this when I was at a leadership trek in college.  It was great and this was too!  I love how this story encourages and challenges each reader, it allows for you to soak and meditate on His word and His promises!

At the end of the devo the author, Deanna Kohlhofer, shares her story.  I was unsure if I wanted to share my story on this post or wait and I have concluded to wait on it and hope to make a separate blog post to share it! :)

Order your copy HERE 

So the author agreed to giveaway 3 PDF copies of "What's your Story?"!  :) :)  So use the rafflecopter form below to enter.  :)

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Jenn said…
I WANT THIS! So hopefully Im the only entry :) :)
Andrea Reaves said…
I love the fact that even through her hard times, she never wavered from god.