4th of July Recap-

There was some disappointment this evening as our fireworks were cancelled due to wind.  Not sure if they will be rescheduled or not.  I am thankful that we went and watched fireworks on Saturday and Sunday.  :)  

The day went well, we invited the youth group over for a BBQ and even though the event became an indoor event due to the extreme hot temps and humidity.  So glad we have a basement!!!  WHOO HOO

We did have one scare today!  I had to make my first poison control phone call.  I let the kids and youth group have some glow sticks and I must have gotten a bad pack because mine broke and then a little bit later my lil man's broke and it squirted him in his eye!!  Talk about freak out!!!  I felt terrible as I started running to the bathroom to find the water fountains since we were at a park.  He could not open his eyes.  I quickly flushed his eyes out and I'm sure my husband was praying as I was taking care of him.  After I flushed it I called poison control and they recommend flushing for a good 15 minutes so we left the park and I put lil man in the shower.  He seemed fine but that was scary!  

How did your 4th of July go??  I hope no phone calls like mine!

I had a big laugh when I looked back at last years 4th of July post.  Go look at my cute kids:  Happy 4th of July 2011!  


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