Amazing Grass Review and Giveaway

Who here is trying to eat healthier?  Any vegans or vegetarians out there?  Anyone trying to stay organic?  I can't say that I am vegan or a vegetarian but I am trying to make better food choices!  

Thanks to Amazing Grass for sending me free product to conduct a review and free product to a winner of a giveaway.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions are 100% mine.  

I was excited to receive such a big package to sample the many products that Amazing Grass has to offer.   I think I was the most excited for the Energy Bars.  First I gave my husband the peanut butter flavor and I tried the fruit flavor.  My husband enjoyed his but his first reaction, he was caught off guard because of the dates in the bar and he was expecting a more peanut butter taste but he still enjoyed it.  I other the other hand have come to the conclusion that I do not like dates so I was unable to finish my fruit bar.  :(  I am sure many will still enjoy it but for me I dislike dates and most of the bars use dates as a top ingredient.  The flavors of the bars include: berry, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate, and the original.  
What does Amazing Grass say about the energy bars?  "Bring the good stuff with you on the go. Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Energy Bars pack all the nutrition you need in a portable and affordable bar. We combine fruits and vegetables with our organic Green SuperFood drink powder for a treat that’s Mother Nature approved."

After the energy bars we sampled the Amazing Meal supplement.  We mixed it in milk and shook it up really good!  My husband drank a couple of these in one day and let me just tell you it cleaned his system out really well as he made a few trips to the bathroom! (IN A GOOD WAY NOT THE DIARRHEA) My husband also felt more energized throughout his day which is a great positive note for him as he sometimes can drink too much coffee.  The chocolate flavor was the one I was excited to try and at first I could taste the chocolate flavor well but the after taste that came with it was kind of a hay flavor.  I think instead of using the serving they suggest I would use less so I can mask the grass or hay flavor. Their website also includes a recipe section with tons of ideas on how to use the products.  Recipes include muffins, brownies, and even Halloween treats.  I did not find the recipe section until all my samples were gone.  :(  I wish I would have seen it so I could have tried them.  I really wish I would have tried some of it in a smoothie especially with these hot days we have been having!!

Amazing Grass also has some SuperFood for the kids.  It comes in berry or chocolate flavor.  "Fighting over fruits and vegetables… again? Give your kids a delicious alternative with Amazing Grass Kidz SuperFood. Created from a blend of organic greens, fruits and vegetables, one glass of Kidz SuperFood equals three full servings of fruits and vegetables."  The berry flavor mixes well in juice and the chocolate mixes great in milk.  :) 

I really am trying to make better food choices but I had a hard time with the grassy taste.  I know some people will actually prefer that natural type taste but my taste-buds are not quite at that level.   If you have not tried it I think it is well worth a try!  

Enter below where 2 winners will win their choice between 2-30 serving containers of Kidz SuperFood (either flavor) or 2 boxes of Chocolate bars.  
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Becca Carroll said…
Oh I love trying natural foods, especially those new to me!
Kari said…
I would love to try Kidz Superfood in chocolate!
Jenn said…
Diaper horror stories? That can be summed up in ONE word! GRACE! LOL

Does the kids stuff have red dye or any food dye in it?
Brittany Poole said…
nice giveaway!
katja9_10 said…
I am a vegetarian :)

Les Johnson
we eat whole and organic foods
Raw Reserve Green SuperFood Packets - 15 count
We are trying to eat more raw foods.
The Chocolate energy bar!
tlcfromtn said…
I am trying to cut out sugar and fats
DonnaZ said…
I am trying to avoid processed foods.
MomLovesDeals said…
I try to eat as much natural and organic food as I can afford.
Linda Kwolek said…
I've cut white flour out of our diet.
Linda Kwolek said…
Berry Whole Food Energy Bars sound delicious
Gianna said…
I don't think being vegetarian or vegan is more healthy. I'd give them a try though.

Chocolate infusion.
chris z said…
im trying to eat less sugar
danw78704 said…
twitted this today, 16/7
heather abbe said…
I've been counting my calories and eating more protein.

My Name: heather abbe
My Email: abbegirl1977 at gmail dot com
I would like to have the Kidz SuperFood Chocolate - 60 servings.
Jenna Hesselink said…
I try to make one new food a week
Jenna Hesselink said…
I'd like to try the peanut butter energy bars

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