Balloon Ball with Pool Noodle

Here is a fun activity we did inside when it was finally raining!  :)  YAY for the rain we needed it!!!  

My tip for this is to cut your pool noodle into a smaller one.  I did not do this but wish I would have.  We were in the basement so there was not much for the pool noodles to hit and fall so it was OK but the kids would have had more control if the noodles were smaller.  :) 

The object is to get the balloons back in the clothes basket by hitting them and keeping the balloon in the air till you score a basket.  :)  So go blow up some balloons and go have some fun!  


fun! Pool noodles and balloons - 2 things that bring lots of entertainment and fun together = Score!

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BTW, loving the new blog look!!!! Looks great!
Thanks Bern,

I love the new look too! :) Thanks for pinning! :)