Beating the heat: Ice play

 I bet your looking at that picture wondering what it is???  I froze a whole lot of water with random objects or colors in it to create some fun for the kids during our hot and humid day.  We have had several days in a row that are 90 plus degrees and 

heat indexes in the 100's!   I 
included a car, paint, food coloring, dog treat, bath toy, and even some fruit.  :) I also provided a few "tools" to help the kids dig them out or play with them.  
The frozen paint made a bit of a mess but that's part of the fun.  My daughter did not use the tools much she just started throwing the ice until they broke.  The kids seemed to enjoy the play even though the ice melted very quickly. How are you  beating the heat? 

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The Monko said…
thats a great idea. I've tried freezing water in balloons but i really like the idea of using random objects.
Mackenzie said…
You've been featured on Saturday Show & Tell @ Cheerios and Lattes this week!
Mackenzie :)

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