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Boasting and being Proud

As a parent I find it extremely easy to brag on my kids.  I am willing to bet that many of you can agree with me.  I remember my daughter sitting on her potty for the first time and doing both business's right away!  :)   BRAGGING RIGHTS?  I thought so!  :)  If you read my blog consistently then you have seen the many projects we do from crafts, cooking, to science, and more.  I remember my son taking his first steps and I had the video camera out because I wanted the whole world to see it.  Now I had to search my own heart and determine if that was me being excited and happy for them or if it was me being boastful and proud.  

Galations 5:26 states, "Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another." 

The verse really got me thinking on both ends of the spectrrum.  Have I while talking to other moms made them envy of me or my kids?  Did I sound conceited?  I know I have been very jealous of other mom's when we get on the topic of sleeping babies.  Some babies sleep through the night early and well mine don't!  I am past that hump of sleepless nights but I know if I heard other mom's talking about how their 2 week old was sleeping through the night I was so envious.  

So if we are instructed to not BOAST or be ENVIOUS how are we protecting ourselves from this? 

If we are talking about our kids lets check our motives behind the conversation.   Is it excitement or is it proud and going to make your friend envious or feel like failure?  When you feel moments of frustration in conversations and jealous or envious feelings come ask God to help you with those feelings.  Be bold and humble by telling your friend that you are starting to feel a bit envious and would love to change topics or ask for prayer in that situation with guidance and direction!

Mom's when you are out on a play date or just out with friends try be conscious of this!  ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER!  


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